New summer designs added to Artscase

You may remember that I had licensed eight designs through Artscase and I know some people were disappointed that it hadn't included their favorite from my designs.  Well the good news is I have now added 8 more designs.  These include some of my most recent #the100dayproject designs and also some of my most requested designs.

 Light and bright, there is definitely a summer feeling running through them.   ArtsCase make phone cases for iphone and Samsung Galaxy phones. Thre of the new designs are shown above but if you want to see the full range available click below to see my ArtsCase shop

 if your not already, you can follow me on Instagram to see more patterns as part of my personal project #100daysofpattern

New Products for 2017 - Phone Cases

It feels like ages since I released any new products so I appreciate your patience.  I am super happy to be able to let you know that I have released a small collection of my patterns with ArtsCase and I am an ArtsCase artist.  ArtsCase make phone cases for iphone and Galaxy phones.

What is really lovely is that some of these patterns will be familiar to you if you follow me on Instagram as they were initially developed for my #100daysproject.  

The collection is initially of only 8 designs, but more will be added later this year.   If your disappointed that your favorite design has not been included in the first 8 designs let me know and I will try and get it into the next collection.

click below to see my ArtsCase shop

or  if your not already, follow me on Instagram to see more patterns as part of my personal project #100daysofpattern

New Website

  Lots has been going on behind the scenes this month but also lots that I cannot talk about yet.  As you can see the new website has gone live and there is new work being added daily.  I am also still posting my #100daysofpattern project on Instagram and really enjoying doing this project but also loving seeing other artists  100 day project posts too.  This is one of the patterns from the #100daysofpattern project.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up to date on my progress.

There are also new pages that link to my Etsy shop and also my contact details if you are interested in collaborating or licensing or just want to say hi.  I have also updated my profile picture in my about page with my new short hair.  Thank you  for stopping by.